Clean up my place

Project details
Project Status: CLOSED
Category: Removals & Storage
Location: London
Description: Im looking for someone to clean the trash from my home renovation
Time scale: As soon as possible
Finished by
Company: Rubbish Removals London, London
Review: I had a great experience with Rubbish removal London. They arrived on time with a two man crew and quickly reviewed the areas where they would be working and what specifically they were to take away. The were incredibly fast in loading the truck and were flexible about one last minute addition we made to the haul.
Overall rating:        Excellent
Promptness:       Excellent
Workmanship:       Excellent
Value:       Excellent
Cleanliness:       Excellent
Aftersales service:       Excellent
Contactability:       Excellent
Completed within budget:       Excellent
Met specifications:       Excellent
Completed on time:       Excellent
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