Cleaning project in London

Project details
Project Status: CLOSED
Category: Domestic Cleaning
Location: London
Description: Needed: carpet cleaning in London. Only professional cleaners, please!
Time scale: As soon as possible
Finished by
Company: Home Cleaning London, London
Review: The Home Cleaning London staff has cleaned our house three times now and it's a joy to come home when I know they were at the place. It's a fully detail oriented cleaning service. I swear there's nothing like coming home to symmetry and arranged clothes in wardrobes! And their price is way better than many of their competitors, too.
Overall rating:        Excellent
Promptness:       Excellent
Workmanship:       Excellent
Value:       Excellent
Cleanliness:       Excellent
Aftersales service:       Excellent
Contactability:       Excellent
Completed within budget:       Excellent
Met specifications:       Excellent
Completed on time:       Excellent
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